Tim Turner here standing in front

of Painted Sky Studios when PSS was located in Cambria, California.

Tim walked into PSS to do his very first studio recordings back in 2002.

Since then he has been back there doing many recordings alongside grammy winning recording engineer Steve Crimmel & working with some great local musicians including bass player Michael Schimberg & drummer Tim Novoa.

Tim plays in his recorded music all

of the rhythm guitar both acoustic and electric, all the lead guitar and on a few of his recordings he played bass guitar. He also writes all of his own lyrics and creates the music too.

His favorite guitar is his Ovation legend acoustic guitar which he bought new 0ver 30 years ago. Before that he also owned a Ovation guitar.

Tim's music spans across folk, rock, and blues. His unique style of playing was born from 40 years of being a self taught guitarist, singer, songwriter and along the way he worked with some pretty great musicians and engineers including Jeff Nelson at MTM Studios and musician and recording engineer

Jim Miller.

Tim Turner's music is simple, cleanly recorded & very listenable. We think you will appreciate his originality and unique style so just turn up the volume & enjoy...

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